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A novel and light-weight app that assists you in designing your house or office
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Room Arranger is a novel and light-weight application that assists you in designing your house, room, or office. Whether you want to redesign your room, your apartment or your entire house, Room Arranger will surely be a great help for you. The program is intuitive and easy to use, so that it can be equally useful for architects, designers or simply curious users who want to make some redesign.

The application allows you to create your design from scratch. To do so, you need to specify whether you will design a room or an entire apartment, its shape, and its initial measures. Then you can start adding objects. The program provides you with a generous object library from where you can add a wide variety of objects to your design, such as basic shapes, QR codes, doors, windows, cabinets, chairs, tables, kitchen and bathroom furniture, stairs, plants, cars, and many, many others. You can also customize colors and textures for some objects, such as the floor, walls, carpets, tables, and even the sky.

But the most impressive feature of Room Arranger is probably its 3D viewer. It allows you to get a 3D simulation of your design, where you can virtually navigate and even move from one floor to another using the stairs. This viewer allows you both to save your current view as an image file and to capture your virtual navigation and save it as a video file, among other things.

In a nutshell, Room Arranger is a powerful yet easy-to-use program which allows you to create an amazing room, house, office or apartment designs in a very short time. Besides, it is very light-weight as compared with other similar programs.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Provides you with a generous object library for your designs.
  • Allows you to customize colors and textures for certain kinds of objects.
  • Capable of generating a navigable 3D simulation of your design.
  • Allows you to capture your current 3D view as an image file.
  • Allows you to grab the 3D viewer navigation as a video file


  • Doesn't allow you to design custom objects for the object library
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